Garrett Park Pool Bathhouse Renovation “Brick Project”

As part of the fundraising for the bathhouse renovation, a bricks project was launched.  It enables inscribed bricks at set donation levels.  The project will continue as refinements are undertaken for the bathhouse and to support other amenities at the pool.  Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT is the brick project? As part of fundraising for the bathhouse renovation, contributions at certain levels entitle the donor to have an inscribed brick.

WHAT are the donation levels and brick sizes?

For a donation of $250-$499 : a 4” by 8” brick.
For $500-$999 : an 8” by 8” brick.
For $1000 or more : a 12” by 12” brick.

HOW much can be inscribed on each brick? The number of characters and lines depends on the size of the brick. A character means any letter, number, space or punctuation mark.

4×8  –  21 characters per line / 4 lines
8×8  –  21 characters per line /  8 lines
12×12  –  25 characters per line  /  9 lines

Brick inscriptions are all-caps, centered.

WHERE will the bricks be installed? To the left of the entrance to the pool, inside the main gate and to the left as you approach the check-in area.

I have already donated; HOW can I increase my donation to one of the brick levels?  Make a donation for the added amount necessary to bring your total to the brick level you desire; for example, if you’ve already given $300 and would like an 8×8 brick, the added donation is $200. You can make the donation by check; send to your check to GPSPA, P.O. Box 244, Garrett Park, MD 20896 and please include a note that the donation is to be combined with your earlier donation, as well as the text of your inscription. You can also contribute here GP GoFundMe

HOW do I submit my brick inscription?   Fill out the Form: Brick Inscription Form