Pool rules and regulations exist to ensure that the pool is operated in a healthy and safe manner, and to provide an enjoyable environment for our members. Members and their guests are responsible for knowing and obeying these rules.

Since 2016, Garrett Park has contracted with a pool management company to provide pool management services for our facility. Lighthouse Pools provides the management and operating staff responsible for the enforcement of the rules. Children and adults are expected to show them proper respect and cooperation at all times.

Talking back, arguing with staff – including lifeguards, and distracting lifeguards from their duties are serious infractions and may be grounds for suspension of pool privileges.

The staff may caution or, if necessary, suspend pool privileges from anyone who is violating the rules. Suspensions for the duration of the day in which the violation occurs may be imposed by the manager on duty at his or her discretion. Suspensions for longer periods or termination of membership may be made by the GPSPA Board of Directors.

Concerns about lifeguards or staff must be addressed to the manager on duty first, and if questions/concerns remain, the GPSPA Board of Directors.

Any issue not specifically addressed by the rules in this document is left to the discretion of the manager on duty.

  1. Taking a soap shower before entering a pool is a MANDATORY county health department requirement.
  2. Always wash feet and legs after playing on the volleyball court or in the sandbox before entering a pool.
  3. No member or guest shall enter pool grounds with a contagious disease or with an open wound or sore. This includes athlete’s foot, ringworm, colds, etc. The staff may bar questionable cases.
  4. NON-TOILET TRAINED CHILDREN MUST BE CLOTHED IN DIAPERS AND TIGHT-FITTING RUBBER PANTS. This is extremely important and a county health department regulation.