Thank you for a TERRIFIC 2021 Swim Season!   The Season has ended — See you next year

Welcome to the 2021 swim season

  • The lap pool has a fresh coating!
  • We require ALL members to WEAR masks at check-in; not all of our staff are fully vaccinated.
  • Swim team is having a competitive swim season! Visit Garrett Park Ladybugs !

A representative of each account/family must sign a Member Agreement. The Agreement reaffirms that, as a member, you are a part-owner of the Garrett Park Swimming Pool and you must financially support the pool by paying annual dues whether or not you use the pool.

In addition, each person on your membership account must have a photo associated with his/her/their member listing.

Remember, before you can swim you will need to:

(1) Sign the Member Agreement, (2) add photos, and (3) pay 2021 dues.

Get started HERE