Let’s get psyched for the 2019 Swim Season!! 

  • Blue Heron visiting Guard House

    blue heron on top of guard house
  • Vacuum - keeping pool clean

  • Our deck

  • Good Time - Inner Tube Water Polo!

  • Water Polo FUN!

  • Swim Team

  • Gate Guard ‘freezing’ on closing day

  • Closing Day @Pool

  • Woof Woof - Dog Swim!

  • Dog Swim Throw Back - 9/11/11

  • GPSP Throw Back

  • Who are these members? Throw Back photo

Hot days - later nights

The pool MAY remain open until 10pm when temperatures are in the nineties into the evening. An email will go out when the pool stays open late for heat. Please check the website and/or call (301-946-0175) if you want to be sure it's still o…