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  • Garrett Park Swimming Pool Association, Inc. Membership Agreement

    The Garrett Park Swimming Pool Association, Inc. (GPSPA) is a private, non-profit 503(c)(7) club located in the Town of Garrett Park. Members are 100% responsible for the financial health of the Pool, primarily through the payment of annual dues. The Pool does not receive revenue from the Town of Garrett Park or Montgomery County government.

    Although dues are paid on an annual basis, Members join once (when they pay the initiation fee) and are required to maintain their membership through payment of annual dues until they choose to resign the membership entirely. Once a Member resigns, if they wish to rejoin, they are required to reinitiate in - paying the full initiation fee again - if they are eligible to rejoin. Initiation fees, dues and guest pass fees may increase by the Board of Directors in order to meet the Pool’s financial obligations.

    GPSPA memberships are paid on a per person basis. All household parent/guardians must be Members in households with children under 22 (Junior Members).

    A member who cannot use the pool or the Association’s other facilities during any part of the fiscal year may become an inactive member. The following conditions apply:

    (a) Inactive status must be declared prior to May 25.

    (b) The member may be exempt from a portion of annual dues for that fiscal year.

    (c) A member may retain inactive status for no more than two consecutive years. If, after two years of inactive status, the member does not reinstate active status, membership will be terminated resulting in the member being dropped from the roll and forfeiting their initiation fee.

    (d) Inactive members are subject to special assessments unless the resolution levying the special assessment provides otherwise.

    (e) The Board of Directors may suspend inactive status due to extraordinary circumstances that jeopardize the financial sustainability of GPSPA.

    (f) The Board of Directors may exercise discretion regarding the start and/or duration of inactive status.

    The Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend or cancel a Member/Junior Member’s privileges at any time without notice due to non-payment, inappropriate behavior, theft or damage, or any breach of this agreement by the Member, Junior Member, and/or their guest(s), as applicable. If the Board of Directors cancels a membership, all dues and fees paid at that time are considered fully earned and will not be prorated or refunded.
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