Inner Tube Water Polo!

Ah, Summer at Garrett Park Pool™… The little-too-cold water on Opening Day. The crisp-yet-painful popping sounds of belly flops on the Fourth of July. The kid-less mingling of friends and neighbors during The Adult Party. What are we forgetting?

Oh yeah, the no-holds-barred, win-at-all-costs, what-is-that-a-leg-cramp? Well-rub-some-sand-on-it-and-get-back-in-the-game atmosphere of the annual Inner Tube Water Polo Match. Yeah, that’s right, time to rumble …

You don’t need to register or bring anything. Just show up, ready to play!

Monday (07.31)   College Kids VS. Adults — 6 p.m. Lap Pool closed 5:30-7(ish) p.m.
Sunday (09.03)   Two games: 4:30 Teens/5:30 Adults. Lap Pool closed 4-7(ish) p.m.