2019 Membership Rates

Welcome to the 2019 swim season! The Board is looking forward to the coming summer and we hope you are too. Today’s message contains important information for this season, including the dates for the 2019 events (Spring Member Meeting on Thursday, April 4 @7:30, GP Town Hall) and new membership rates.

Although the overall state of the facility remains strong, many areas show the effects of 60-plus years of use and need major repair/replacement in the near future. The most recent example is last year’s project: replacing the failing retaining wall, widening the stairs up the hill, and updating the landscaping to provide additional deck space. From what we heard, the membership greatly enjoyed the rejuvenated area. Future projects include improving the appearance and function of our bathhouses (as requested in the 2017 member survey) and repairing/replacing the pools themselves.

The GPSPA BOD is reviewing all avenues to fund improvements and repairs to our aging facility knowing how expensive these projects will be (2018’s project cost $70,000). But the first step in preparing for the future is ensuring that a significant amount of money goes into our savings each season. Because our primary source of revenue is membership dues and fees, the GPSPA Board voted to increase the initiation fee, membership dues, and guest rates for 2019 for the first time in at least four years.

Adult Dues: $230
Dependent Dues: $90*

Only dependents aged 3-21 as of May 1 require payment. Please email membership to add children under 3 on May 1 to your account at no cost. Dependents over 21 are charged the adult rate of $230.

*Remember, in a household with dependents from birth to age 21 on May 1, 2019, both parents must pay dues for the family’s membership.* 

Initiation Fee: $550 per adult
Daily Guest Fee: $5 per person
Any guest entering the gates over the age of one must pay the fee between opening and an hour before closing. There is no charge to enter within one hour of closing.

Remember to purchase guest credits in $20 increments ($1/credit) online when you pay dues. Credits never expire and alleviate the need to have cash on hand! 

If you do not have dependents and will not use the pool this summer due to travel, health, or other circumstances, you may opt to pay an Inactive Membership fee of $50. Please note that selecting this option means that you may only enter the facility with a current, active member and you must pay the daily guest fee. To change your membership to Inactive, email the membership team. If you have been inactive, simply login and pay the fee.

2019 Events

Thursday, April 4 – Spring Member Meeting
Saturday, May 25 – Opening Picnic
Sunday, June 30 – Grosvenor Market Day
Thursday, July 11 – Summer Member Meeting
Saturday, July 13 – Adult Party
Saturday, August 24 – Crab Feast
Thursday, October 3 – Fall Member Meeting