If you are 18 or younger and can swim the length of the pool, join returning coach Ross Tollefson to improve your strokes, make new friends, cheer on your teammates, and have a ton of fun!

The Ladybug season starts the day after Memorial Day and ends in mid-July. Visit the team website for more information!

*Returning members – make sure to order your new team suit!

Tollefson Swimming is proud to offer in-water-instructed swim lessons & Masters Swimming at the Garrett Park Pool this summer. For the in-water-instructed swim lessons, we will determine the exact time of the class for your swimmer based on skill level; in case the pool is unavailable for a class, we will offer one daytime make-up class on the second Wednesday of the session.

Please contact John Tollefson at 301-949-5136 or email him for additional forms, questions, special concerns, or to discuss class placement.