One of the benefits of membership at Garrett Park Pool is the ability to host a gathering for a birthday, family reunion, or any other reason for gathering. Although many “parties” occur spontaneously, there are often parties that demand additional planning by you, the member, and by the pool staff. To simplify the planning, please complete this form if you either (A) wish to reserve space at the pool for your party or (B) anticipate the majority of your guests will be NON-MEMBERS.

Once you have completed the form below, pool management will confirm your party. Please note: 48 hours before your party, you must provide a list of non-members you expect to attend AND you must pre-pay for those guests online through our website by purchasing guest passes in $10 increments at

Alternately, you can pre-purchase guest credits at the front desk with cash or checks.

If you have additional questions about hosting a party at the pool, please email

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