We hope these questions and answers help you learn more about Garrett Park Pool. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the board members or our staff.

Summer 2021
Children at the pool
Important Information–guests, glass, weather, parties, pests, smoking, lost and found

Summer 2021

What do I have to do to reserve time to swim?

You must have paid 2020 & 2021 dues in order to reserve time to swim. You also must be logged into the website (garrettparkpool.org) to access the reservation system.

What do I have to do to enter during my reserved time?

You must have

  • a photo of anyone who will enter the pool uploaded to your account,
  •  a signed waiver on file (the desk attendant will have a list or you can show the email that you received if you completed the waiver on 6/23 or later), and 
  • a reservation for that time slot.

How many slots can I reserve?

It depends. We are still doing only a few days at a time. Between Friday, July 3 and Sunday, July 5, each member may reserve 2 slots on two different days. This means that a couple with one child (3 members) could reserve 6 slots. 

The same person could go every time, or each person in the family could go 3 times. 

Make sure to add your email address to our list – that is our primary method of communicating changes about slots. To add your email address, go to our homepage, garrettparkpool.org.

We will monitor members’ usage and remove privileges from those who abuse their allotment.

How do I see what reservations I have?   If you login to the website and go to Your Account, click on My Reservations. You can see your current and past reservations. You can cancel a future reservation there too. 

How long are sessions?  Like with the number of slots, we are starting with sessions at 90 minutes. We may shorten or lengthen them depending on feedback. We have one 60 minute session at the end of the night.

Can I just show up and hope there are slots left?  No. You cannot enter without a reservation. Reservations can be made during swim sessions.

Can I cancel a reservation? Should I cancel a reservation? How do I cancel?

The system should allow you to cancel your reservation as long as the session hasn’t started. Since we are limiting capacity, we ask that you cancel any slots your family won’t use so that another member can use the pool instead.

If you login to the website and go to Your Account, click on My Reservations. You can see your current and past reservations. Cancel a future reservation there. 

Who can go to the pool? Can I bring guests, or drop my child off? Can another member bring my child?

No guests are allowed at this time. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an member-registered adult  who is 18 or older. To add an additional household member to your account, email membership@garrettparkpool.org. Teenage siblings may not bring brothers/sisters under 12 unless they are 18 or older. Pool staff cannot be responsible for under 12 siblings while they are working. 

No, another adult CANNOT bring your under-12 child. Only household members may enter together. Children under 12 who arrive with an adult who is not on their membership will not be permitted to enter.

When and where do I enter the pool? When and where do I leave?

Entry is at the front gate. The gate will be opened at the beginning of each session. You can enter at any time within your session. Please be patient as the desk attendants will need to identify each person before checking them in.

You may leave through the side gate at any point during your session. You must exit through the side gate when the whistle blows at the end of a session.

Do I have to wear a mask? Can my family hang out with other families?

Based on the County Health Officer’s directive, members must wear face coverings whenever physical distancing is not possible, like when members enter/exit the pool, or go to/from the bathhouses.

Physical distancing is required between members of different families in the pool, on the decks, and when sitting in the grassy areas. Please maintain distance from others whenever possible. No parties/gatherings are permitted. 

What can my family do at the pool? What will be different?     Things are very different this year. The County has closed all baby pools, including ours. No toys may be used in the pool – this includes all kinds of balls, dive bars, noodles, and rafts.

Play areas (volleyball, sand pit, tetherball, ping pong) are closed.

Families can swim with their immediate household members, and relax in small family groups in the grassy areas. If you want to bring food in, you are welcome to do so. Please clean up after yourself. No delivery is allowed to the pool.

What happens if someone doesn’t follow the rules?

If you see a rule broken – someone is sitting on the deck or patio, kids are playing tag, multiple people are in one lap lane, someone is in the bathroom without a mask – please report it to the manager on duty or another staff member immediately. The majority of our rules are prescribed by the County or state of Maryland and we are fortunate that our pool opened. Let’s not risk having a pool to swim in!

This summer, members will receive one warning about rules (either COVID-related or regular rules) and then be asked to leave for the day. Parents will be notified if children 12 or over are asked to leave. Future infractions could result in longer loss of pool privileges.  

Where can I get a chair or lounge? Or kickboard?

To reduce the risk of contact surface transmission, the pool will not provide kickboards or chairs/lounges. Members are welcome to bring their own chairs and/or kickboards to and from the pool with them.

If you physically cannot carry a chair into the facility, please let the desk attendant know. He/she will radio up to a lifeguard who can bring you a chair. The supply is limited, so please only use this option if you cannot bring a chair due to physical limitations.

Can I shower or change into my suit/clothes?

Please do NOT shower at the pool unless it’s an emergency. Arrive clean and ready to swim. Return home to change. The bathhouses should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Can I swim laps?

Only ONE (1) person at a time is permitted in a lane, per County rules. This is true even within a family – only one person per lane.

What if I leave something at the pool?

There is no lost and found this year. Please make sure to take everything with you when you leave. Belongings left behind will be thrown away.

What if I (or a family member) test positive for COVID-19?

First, we hope that you or your family member has a mild case and recovers quickly. You should receive instructions about how to report from your healthcare provider. 

What about swim team, moonlight swim, masters, swim lessons, July 4, the adult party, the crab feast, or inner tube water polo?

Getting the pool up and running with the County’s constraints was a considerable amount of effort for our management and our volunteer Board of Directors. Rules will change as state and county requirements develop.  Please be flexible.

Because no one has faced a scenario like this, we are taking things one day at a time. We are relying on the County’s guidance on what can be done safely, but we are committed to doing the best we can to offer members a semblance of what summer has come to mean to us all.

Our pool is made up of well over 500 families all of whom have different reasons they have joined. We are striving to consider the needs of all stakeholders and hope to offer other activities as time goes on. Decisions on what can be offered and when will be made once we have data on usage and input from management. Rest assured that the Board is in daily communication with management and each other in order to plan for the next days and weeks of pool fun!

Right now, no gatherings are permitted, so although we will decorate for the Fourth of July, we will not have the traditional pool games. Neither the adult party nor the crab feast are permitted in Phase 2.

Please make sure your email address is accurate and added to our list so that you receive any changes to our processes! To add yourself, go to our homepage and look for where it says ‘ARE YOU ON THE EMAIL LIST?’

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How do I renew? The membership renewal process runs through the pool’s website now. Members received the id and password they must use by email. It’s important to update your membership information first, and then move on to renew and pay.

Can I be a member? If you reside in Garrett Park, Garrett Park Estates, White Flint Park, or Strathmore Place, you may be a member. This includes both owners and renters. Both parents must be active members for their children to swim. Membership does not convey with the sale or rental of a home. If you live in one of these neighborhoods and wish to join, please start here. If you do not live in one of these neighborhoods, we do not have an option for you to join at this time.

How do I join the Wait List?  As of March 2017, the waitlist is closed to new families. Thank you for your interest.

Can I transfer my pool membership if I move or no longer want it?   Garrett Park Pool Memberships are not transferable under any circumstances. If you no longer want your membership, you may resign it.  If you aren’t sure, you can pay a fee (by July 1st) to pay for your household over time.  This retains your membership and allows you to use the pool, if you like. Click here for more information about resigning your membership.

Can my member parents “give” me their membership, or bequeath it to me? Membership may not be passed through a family from generation to generation, nor may it be “inherited.” You will need to submit a membership application for yourself.

I am renting from people who are members, but they are living overseas. Can I use the homeowner’s membership? No. Membership does not convey with a property, either to renters or to subsequent owners.

I have just bought a house in the neighborhood and the sellers were members. Did their membership convey with the house? No. The membership goes with the family; it is not attached to the property. If you would like to join the pool, please submit an application. Click here to start your application.

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Children at the pool

Do I pay dues for all my dependents, even my toddler?  Children who are under the age of 3 as of May 1, of the current swim season, are free. All other dependent children are $90 in 2020.

What should my NON-TOILET TRAINED child wear to swim? Every NON-TOILET TRAINED CHILD MUST WEAR TIGHT-FITTING RUBBER PANTS AND A DIAPER. Tight-fitting rubber pants are usually available at Target or Buy Buy Baby and online. Check the toilet-training aisles for them. This is extremely important and a county health department regulation.

When can my child swim without me? Children under eight who pass the GPSPA swim test may swim without an adult. A child who has not passed the beginner’s test must be under direct supervision of an adult while in the water. The adult must have ready access to the child at all times and remain alert. A pool filled with active youngsters can “hide” a young child in trouble; trouble which can occur in seconds.

What is the GPSPA swim test? The GPSPA swim test requires a child to swim one length of the lap pool (25 meters) without stopping and tread water for one minute, both of which must be supervised by a lifeguard.

When can my child use the diving boards?  Children under eight who pass the GPSPA swim test may use the diving boards. Please keep your child’s abilities and stamina in mind; many children who pass the test are still young and tire easily. Parents should be mindful of where their swimmers are at all times.

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Important Information

As of June 2020 – No Guests are allow at the Pool. We want our members to have priority for time spent at the pool.  How much does it cost to bring a guest to the pool? Daily Guest Fee: $5 per person over age 1. Within one hour of closing, guests do not pay a fee. 

Note: Guest credits are not reimbursable once they are used, regardless of the operating status of the pools. Please plan accordingly!  You are able to purchase guest passes online once the season starts.

Weekly passes for houseguests may be purchased by contacting membership@garrettparkpool.org.

Can I bring food or beverage in GLASS containers to the pool?  Food or drink can only be consumed in designated areas and is not allowed on cement pool decks. GLASS CONTAINERS OR GLASSWARE OF ANY KIND IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ON POOL GROUNDS.

What happens when it rains, thunders and/or lightnings?  The pools and pool grounds will be closed in the event of thunder and/or lightning and will remain closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after each occurrence. If it rains so hard that the staff cannot see the bottom of the pool, the pools may also close until the bottom is visible again. Pool managers have the authority to close any of the pools in the event of a health or safety concern.

How will I know if the pool closes?  Members are notified via the website,  twitter or email when the pool closes because of rain or lightning.  As a rule in the event of thunder and/or lightning we will remain closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after each occurrence.  An eMail is sent to  members with updated information on the pool.  You can also follow the pool on twitter to get timely news about pool status.

I want to have a party/family gathering/birthday party at the pool. What should I do?  If you wish to host a party at the pool and you want to ensure that there will be picnic tables/space for your guests on the grounds, you must submit a form with pertinent information about the party, and receive written communication from pool management that your party has been approved. The host is responsible for ensuring that the party area is completely clean before leaving the grounds. The form is available here.

Does GPSPA spray for any kind of bugs?  Because of increasing public health concerns over diseases transmitted by mosquitoes & ticks, the pool grounds are now treated for these pests every three weeks by Mosquito Joe, as well as ongoing attempts by pool staff to eliminate sources of standing water and dark/dank places where mosquitoes can congregate. Non-flower foliage/lawn are treated with a variety of EPA-approved products and in the case of flowering plants, Mosquito Joe will use an all-natural product that has no effect on bees. Treatment is applied before the pool opens. More information is available here.

Can I smoke at the GP Pool?  Pursuant to state and local laws, cigarette smoking is restricted to the upper part of the pool grounds adjacent to the tennis court. Montgomery County Swim League rules prohibit smoking anywhere on the pool grounds while a swim meet is in progress.

Where is the Lost and Found?  The lost and found basket is located behind the front desk near the vending machines. Please claim your items!!  Unclaimed articles will be donated to charity or disposed of at the end of each month.

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