Garrett Park Swimming Pool is excited to welcome new members!

Pursuant to Garrett Park Swimming Pool Association bylaws, membership is open to residents of Garrett Park, Garrett Park Estates, White Flint Park, and Strathmore Place. Residents of those four neighborhoods do NOT need to be placed on a wait list.

One-Time Initiation Fees:
$550 per new adult member

This fee may be paid in full either upon joining the pool, or may be split over two subsequent seasons: $275/adult due in the first, $300/adult due in the second ($25/adult deferred payment charge). You may pay your initiation fees during the off-season.

2019 Rates:
Adult: $230
Dependent: $90

Adults are over 18 as of May 1, 2019, unless a dependent of the adult member.
Dependents are over 3, under 22 as of May 1, 2019. Dependents 22 and over pay the adult rate.

All members pay the annual summer dues. Membership dues and fees are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Please note–your membership is not final until you receive an email from stating that your application has been approved.

Wait List

The Garrett Park Pool wait list is currently closed. New memberships for out-of-bounds residents have not been available since 2014, and approximately 65 families are on the list.

Pursuant to our By-laws, membership to Garrett Park Swimming Pool is capped at 800 adult members total. Since 2014, we have not been able to offer any memberships to families who live outside Garrett Park, Garrett Park Estates, White Flint Park, or Strathmore Place. Because over 65 families are on our wait list and the wait is at least 6 years, we have closed the wait list to new entries.

If you have questions about membership or the wait list, please email