What’s old can be new again!
We love our pool – but it could use a few updates!

Dependable Sinks & Showers – Safer Floors – A Family Bathroom – Open Air

Did your kids swim on the swim team?  Do you love swimming laps?  Do you know that your property value is enhanced by our community pool? Do you want the pool to be a community treasure for generations to come?  

We have raised nearly $100,000 from current and former members, community members, and local organizations as of May 15th. THANK YOU!

The estimated cost for this project is ~$325,000, and the board has managed finances to allocate $100,000 to support this project. To make this modernized bathhouse a reality for the 2022 season, we – the Garrett Park Pool Members and our friends – must raise the additional $100,000 before September 2021.

We have started the Garrett Park Pool Bathhouse Renovation Fund and are asking all in our community to donate what they can.

You can also support the renovation by mailing a check to GPSPA Bathhouse, PO Box 244, Garrett Park, MD 20896.