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KBBQBOX is marrying Korean and International cooking traditions to bring the DMV residents a whole new type of intensely flavorful fusion food. Packed with bold, savory taste, these unique eats are a foodie experience you’d be remiss to miss. The menu sports an eclectic mix of eats packed with seriously powerful flavors. Crazy scrumptious Takorean series, pork belly, jumbo chicken-wings, grilled Bulgogi platter, and so much more- KBBQBOX has been revered by loyal crowds for its awesomeness!

Native Korean, fully Certified Professional Chef and Escoffier Culinary Arts Graduate, Mr. Jae You takes the finest ingredients and combines them with expertise in preparation and cooking traditional food- creating delightful Korean-fusion cuisine for everyone to enjoy and crave again and again. From crisp invigorating summer delights, to more sultry and nourishing flavors in the Fall and Winter season, Chef Jae You put together the most loved recipes to inspire and enchant! So, if you consider yourself a passionate foodie, get out there and find our bright yellow truck rolling through your neighborhood the next time you’re feeling ravenous.