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With a classic technique driven approach to traditional cooking styles, Chef Peter is excited to bring you HANGRY PANDA’s vibrant food culture through the details of Asian delicacies that are built of hybrid street style dishes… delivering a unique creative combination of savory, crispy, sweet and freshness across the menu, weaving together an array of gorgeous fusion delights. Chef Peter is deeply in love with his heritage and finds incredible joy in being able to share that love with others through his street food recipes.

From crisp invigorating summer delights, to more sultry and nourishing flavors in the Fall/Winter season, Chef Peter put together the most beloved menu to inspire and enchant! Seriously, you should come out and reward yourself with a real Pandastic experience and the heart-stoppingly scrumptious grubs- the next time HANGRY PANDA food truck rolls up into your neck of the woods!