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Pool is closed until 2pm

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Moonlight Swim

Tuesday & Thursday nights, the lap pool stays open until 10:15 pm (exit the pool by 10:20 pm) for moonlight swim (Adults 18+).  No Moonlight Swim July 4th. Enjoy an evening swim!

Hours of Operation

Pool Opens:  10am on weekends (inc. Memorial Day) 3pm on MCPS school days Pool Closes:  9pm on weekends 8pm on MCPS school nights As of June 15, hours are 10am-9pm.

Avoid the Late Fee!

Members – Avoid the Late Fee!  New grace period – Pay by May 15 Update info, add your photo & make payment by May 15.

GPSP Pool Closes Sept 8th 7p

Final Day – Sunday 9/8/2019: 10am-7pm all pools open for humans. Dog swim follows 7-8p Enter thru Dog Park gate at top of hill