Getting Ready for Summer 2022! (Dues open for payment!)

The 2022 swim season is almost here! The GPSPA Board is looking forward to the summer and we hope you are too. Please read below for very important information for this season, including facility and construction updates and 2022 membership dues.

Bathhouse and Pool Facilities

Thanks to the excellent stewardship of the board, contributions from ~40% of you, and our ability to secure a low-interest loan, renovation on the bathhouse is in full swing. As the work progressed it became even clearer that the facility was not just in need of plumbing, electrical and cosmetic improvements, but that the internal and external walls were in desperate need of structural investment. Not surprisingly, we have uncovered structural “surprises” that have increased the budget by about $35,000. The weather has not been terribly cooperative either, but our contractor is pressing forward and working weekends so that we can be ready and shiny by mid-May.

2022 Membership Rates

As you all know, the cost of managing any business or facility has increased in recent years due to higher wage expectations, unprecedented inflationary pressure on supplies and labor, and more. Your board is committed to providing leadership and governance to ensure the long term sustainability of the GPSPA. The same stewardship that led to our ability to invest in the bathhouse will be required in order to generate sufficient income to refill our reserves, and to make facility improvements each year (think new diving boards, improved decking, etc). For these reasons, we will be raising baseline dues for the first time in three years.

Adult Dues: $290
Dependent Dues: $100*
Only dependents aged 3-21 as of May 1 require payment. Please email membership to add children under 3 on May 1 to your account at no cost. Dependents over 21 are charged the adult rate of $290.
*In a household with dependents age 0-21 as of May 1, 2022, both parents must pay dues for the family’s membership.*

If you will not use the pool this summer due to travel, health, or other circumstances, you may opt to pay an Inactive Membership fee of $100. To change your membership to Inactive, please email the membership team. Please note that the following restrictions apply:
– Inactive status must be declared prior to May 25
– A member may retain inactive status for no more than two consecutive years