If you missed the Spring Membership Meeting in April, please review the 2017 budget below. If you have questions, contact Board@GarrettParkPool.org.

GPSPA Budget 2017
2016 Actual2017 BudgetNotes
Adult Dues$166,250$168,000
Junior Dues$39,520$39,520
Inactive Dues$4,800$4,800
Household Member Dues$7,640$6,510
Total Income from Dues$218,210$218,830
Seasonal Pass$10,190$10,000
Guest Passes$11,116$10,000
August-Only Passes$1,830$1,500
Total Income from Passes$23,136$21,500
Late Fees$0$200$50 per adult after May 15
Wait List Fee$1,050$500Closed as of March 2017
Deferred Plan Fee$950$400Reflects $25 charge for initiation paid over 2 seasons
Total Income from Fees$2,000$1,100
Parties$372$0Rolled into guest fees
Discount Income$28$40
Swim Team Wage Reimbursement$20,770$0Swim team pays CPS directly
Lessons$1,569$1,500Tollefson Swimming contract continues
Total Other Income$22,790$1,540
Total Ordinary Income$266,136$242,970
Swim Team & Other Income$30,442$30,000GPST falls under GPSPA, but maintains their own dues structure & budget.
Initiation Fees$25,250$25,000A portion of initiation fees are refundable upon resignation from GPSPA.
Total ALL Income$321,828$297,970
Liability Insurance$15,538$15,538
Workmans Compensation Insurance$2,233$0Now part of the CPS contract
Total Insurance Expense$17,771$15,538
Membership & Website Platform Services$3,500$3,500
Web Site hosting$746$800
Office Supplies$109$100
Total Office Expense$4,355$4,400
Payroll Company$1,284$78Now part of the CPS contract
Federal Unemployment$585$0
MD Unemployment$374$0
Payroll Tax Expense$9,455$0
Total Payroll Expense$11,698$78
R/M Labor$567$0Now part of the CPS contract
R/M Minor Improvements$850$0
R/M Services$3,000$0
R/M Facility Repairs$4,361$20,000
R/M Grounds$17,856$15,000
R/M Supplies$1,020$500
Total Repair & Maintenance Expense$27,654$35,500
Charge Card Fees$7,054$7,050
Filing Fees$133$0Now part of the CPS contract
Bank Service Charges$144$100
Total Service Charge Expense$7,330$7,150
Total Social Expense$1,983$5,000
Cleaning / Bath House Supplies$1,544$0Now part of the CPS contract
Chemical Supplies$6,361$0
Other Supplies$15,087$7,500Chairs, umbrellas, etc.
Total Supplies$22,993$7,500
Total Tax Expense$0$0As a non-profit, GPSPA is tax-exempt.
Gas and Electric$4,364$8,000
Total Utilities Expense$12,678$17,175
Swim Team$20,770$0Now part of the CPS contract
Desk Attendants$9,028$0
Total Wage Expense$118,968$0
Postage and Delivery$163$170
Printing and Reproduction$346$100
Tax Preparation$1,085$1,100
Licenses and Permits$2,255$360The majority of the Licenses & Permits are covered by the CPS contract
Miscellaneous (Contingency)$400$0
Community Pool Management$0$91,800
Total Ordinary Expense$240,900$197,463
Net Ordinary Income$25,236$45,507
Facility Fund$0$30,000Capital reserve fund
Initiation Fee Refunds$11,620$10,000
Depreciation Expense$8,073$8,073
Swim Team & Other Expenses$34,473$30,000
Total ALL Expense$295,067$275,536
Net ALL Income$26,762$22,434